Who’s to blame?

Patients are asked to take their non emergent problems to their primary care physicians, but with long waits, ERs are frequently next in line. Doctors are asked to cut down on expensive testing, but they own the blame for missed pathology. Health insurers are asked to cover everyone and deny fewer claims, but hospital bills keep ballooning. Hospitals are asked to care for everyone who may walk through their doors, but many patients remain uninsured and unlikely to pay. Lawyers are blamed for bringing frivolous suits, but patients are being injured physically and financially by broken medical systems daily. Government is tasked with fixing systems, while keeping everyone happy, wealthy and employed. Pharmaceutical companies and device makers are blamed for price gouging, but they’re in business and this is the system, right?

Pre-R doesn’t resolve these dilemmas. However, we try to take the edge off by grabbing a very small sliver of healthcare and doing it well.

We strive to spend quality time with each of our patients, with policies shaped most by the golden rule.

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