The Herd Moves On

The following article from highly respected SLO pediatrician Dr. Bravo resonates:
Most SLO County teens are unvaccinated against COVID. Local pediatrician wants to change that.”
In my micro bubble, I run into roughly 4-5 conversations regarding COVID19 and the vaccines. Here are some variations:

1. It’s a terrible disease. The vaccine is a miracle. Those who don’t get the vaccine are jeopardizing humanity.

2. It’s a terrible disease. I can’t believe how effective the vaccine has been so far. I hope the protection lasts. I hope side effects are few. The benefits seem to greatly exceed the risks so here’s my arm. (I’m in this camp.)

3. I don’t believe COVID is worse than flu. Death stats are deceiving. I don’t trust our government or any of their numbers. I’ll just stick with my proper hygiene and avoid crowds.

4. Why won’t people talk more about other therapies shown to lessen illness severity? Why the coverup? Why should videos in support of ivermectin or anything other than vaccines be taken off Youtube and other platforms? (I guess I land here as well somewhat. I’m not so much of a conspiracy guy. But removing videos bothers me, because I think the net effect may be to amplify conspiracy.)

5. Meh… I can’t be bothered getting the vaccine. I’m not in a high risk group. We’re approaching herd immunity and the herd will protect me.

This post is really for group 5. In the past month a friend lost 4 family members in Venezuela to COVID. To those who feel its just a virus, you’re right… and a brutal one. On my last shift I admitted a young unvaccinated guy with no co-morbidities with mid 80s on his pulse ox and a terrible looking X-ray. I’m told other ERs are filling up again with unvaccinated COVID patients as well. So if you’re on the fence, here’s my nudge. Our herd probably won’t save you. It may not even acknowledge you’re gone.

Dr. René Bravo on COVID-19 vaccination for children | Video by DAVID MIDDLECAMP at The Tribune.

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