Frequent Ask Questions

Through telemedicine and house calls we offer care for basic acute medical problems. We accept calls from anywhere, but our house calls are offered primarily to the San Luis Obispo community. Dr. Sam Slishman has practiced emergency medicine since 1997. We provide thoughtful, personal care to help solve your problems as efficiently and pleasantly as possible with no financial surprises.

After telephone conversation, we decide together whether a visit may be a useful next step. If we come to your home, expect no sirens, white coats or scrubs to protect your privacy. We bring supplies appropriate for your problem. If you have a wound, we bring supplies for proper wound care. If you are dehydrated, we bring supplies such as saline for rehydration. If prescription medications are required, we are happy to call them to a pharmacy or in some cases bring them directly to you.

Expect a follow up call or text the next day to see that you are improving.

If you live in SLO, we are happy to call Central Coast Pathology or Selma Carlson Diagnostic Center to order a wide variety of studies. We recommend you bring results to your primary care physician, but we will help you to interpret them as well if you like.

Most notably, if your question or problem is relatively minor, but cannot be solved by phone or Skype, our care comes to you! We address acute medical problems, which do not require a great deal of diagnostic study or specialist consultation. Antibiotic prescription and wound care are two of our services.

Unlike an urgent care or ER, we do not offer same day diagnostic studies. However, we can order these through Central Coast Pathology and Selma Carlson Diagnostic Center. We are not your best choice for chronic conditions and long-term healthcare. As such we recommend all of our patients still have their own primary care physicians. In addition, we do not prescribe narcotics, sedatives or psychoactive medications. Click here to view a list of Pre-R services.

If we feel you would be better served by going to an urgent care or emergency department we will absolutely recommend this path. We have no interest in cutting corners at the expense of your health. If we visit your home and decide you should go to a hospital, then we will help you to choose the best path, whether by private vehicle or by ambulance.

We have a direct pay model, which means that we do not bill insurance companies. However, only after services are delivered and you are feeling better, will we send an invoice for payment. If you are happy with our care, you can pay us using check, cash, credit or debit. Payment using your HSA or FSA is also accepted.

Insurance info: We are considered an out-of-network provider. Per your request, we can provide you with a super bill (detailed receipt) that you can submit to your insurance company and they may reimburse you. The amount of reimbursement depends on your individual plan and its benefits. We recommend you consult your insurance carrier for further information on your out-of-network coverage.

You can see our fees here.

Many insurance plans have high deductibles. By using our services you may save a great deal of money without leaving the comfort of your home. Plus, time is money. Just as important, by receiving care at home you may spare yourself from hospital acquired infections. Even if you have full coverage, make sure you are familiar with the exclusions and limitations of your plan.

That being said, we are happy to generate super-bills on request, which you may then pass along to your insurer.

Yes, and we happily will provide you with an invoice after services are rendered on request. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, checks, cash, health savings account or flexible spending account cards.

If we have met in person and we have an established doctor-patient relationship, then we are able to call in prescriptions and refills. However, we do not prescribe narcotics, sedatives or psychoactive medications.

We do not have an office because house calls are our main service. Since we are focused on basic acute medical needs rather than chronic conditions and long term health maintenance, we still encourage our patients to have their own primary care physicians.

If we have met in person, then we are happy to provide specialist contact information and we will fill out referral forms if needed.

Need a consult? Just give us a call