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Below you will find some of our finished products.

Slishman Traction Splint

Femur fracture is one of the most painful and life threatening of long bone fractures. Following such injury, the large quadriceps muscles frequently spasm forcing overlapping, fragmented bone into muscle, causing a pain-spasm cycle. Traction is external scaffolding that relieves the spasm, pain and further injury. It also diminishes the volume of the thigh and potential for hemorrhage. Numerous traction splints exist on the market, and the STS represents the latest in traction splint evolution. Here are the high points:

STS Instructional Videos

STS Origins

In 1998 during a wilderness medicine course, Dr. Sam learned about a particularly clunky traction splint for fractured femurs. He thought he could do better, and so began a winding saga. His first prototype was made of steel with a traction mechanism that had an 8:1 mechanical advantage.  This meant you could rip a limb right off… not yet better. He later incorporated a gentler pulley into a collapsible ski pole, and produced a few hundred. The ski pole/splint worked well but was clearly best for a “niche” market.

In 2006 the product was refined, and shortened for the EMS market. But it lay dormant once again until being adopted in 2009, surprisingly, by the Singapore Army. Today the ski pole and “STS” are distributed by a company in Colorado called Rescue Essentials. Please have a closer look if you are interested in stretching a broken femur.

Traction from the hip

Slishman Traction Splint – Ski/Hiking Pole Set

The ski pole/splint set employs the same proximal traction mechanism as the award winning STS Traction Splint.

It is made with the same 7075 aluminum used by Black Diamond for their collapsible trekking/ski poles. It also locks using the Black Diamond Flicklock technology. This product was built with ski patrollers and back country expedition leaders in mind.

Slishman Rescue Pack with Harness

In 2008 Dr. Sam found himself carrying an intrepid Danish woman with a broken ankle on a rocky trail in Greenland. The fireman carry was out of the question, as were stretchers and wheelchairs. It led to a year of sewing and prototyping and a couple simple products.

The Rescue Pack is a 6 liter, 950 gram, waist pack with internal straps designed to help one person to carry another. The pack does not make a rescuer stronger, nor a victim lighter. But the carry is far more comfortable for both. Dr. Sam sure could have used it in Greenland.

I have a 12yr old with special needs. Getting up and down to the beach on vacation was becoming problematic. I bought this harness a week before we left. Customer service at Rescue Essentials were great. I got the harness in time, did a dry run at home and then used it every day at the beach. My daughter was so comfortable she’d actually snuggle in and take a nap. She is 83 lbs, I was an Infantryman 20 yrs ago and I am used to 90lb rucks. I would say that if you are OK bearing weight on your shoulders you will like this. If you are a hiker I would think this would be a great rescue harness if you needed to get a non-ambulatory person out of trouble. This will be coming to the beach with us for years to come!
Happy customer




Slishman Rescue Harness

The Rescue Harness weighs 485 grams and is essentially the Rescue Pack… minus the pack. It is a strap system which enables one person to carry another. While the harness and pack were built for search and rescuers, soldiers, hikers, hunters and expedition leaders, it seems to be most popular for carrying kids, the elderly and people with disabilities for short transports… even just to get across parking lots onto a beach.

Weight Based Pediatric Multi-Doser

Love this! We actually had a ped (not our regular one) write down the wrong calculation on our take home sheet. I think she calculated for pounds instead of kilos or something…easy mistake. Anyway, it would have been a double dose of Tylenol. Fortunately, we didn’t use teaspoons and my husband needed me to calculate it differently, so we figured it out. Your new doser is amazing and eliminates that whole problem.
Amy F.