Finally one doser for children’s diphenhydramine (Benadryl), acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Motrin), prednisolone (Prelone)… and labelled with pounds too for you metric-phobes! Works for kids up to 100 pounds and gives more precise dosing than your kitchen teaspoon or the miniature shot glass that comes with the meds. For you medical folk, the doser delivers 15mg/kg acetaminophen, 1.17mg/kg diphenhydramine, 9.37mg/kg ibuprofen and 1.41mg/kg prednisolone.

We typically provide dosers during pediatric house calls. If you would like one, feel free to contact us.

Most Parents Give the Wrong Dose of Liquid Medication

The study, conducted at pediatric clinics in New York, Atlanta and Stanford, Calif., also found that most dosing errors occurred when parents used a measuring cup. There were fewer errors when parents measured the dose with an oral syringe.”

Love this! We actually had a ped (not our regular one) write down the wrong calculation on our take home sheet. I think she calculated for pounds instead of kilos or something…easy mistake. Anyway, it would have been a double dose of Tylenol. Fortunately, we didn’t use teaspoons and my husband needed me to calculate it differently, so we figured it out. Your new doser is amazing and eliminates that whole problem.
– Amy F.

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