Strep Throat

I’ve received a number of calls lately from patients certain they have strep throat. This link is a useful tool to estimate the likelihood. With fever, tender lymph nodes below chin along the neck, white spots on the throat, and NO cough your chances are about 50%. Less likely if you’re older. And kids less than 2 pretty much never get Strep. But Strep or no Strep, here’s what should drive your level of concern.

Red Flags:

• Dehydration
• Fever not controlled by ibuprofen or acetaminophen
• Associated breathing problems
• One sided swelling to suggest peritonsillar abscess
• Unvaccinated (specifically for H.flu).

Happy Words

• Runny nose
• Well hydrated
• Urinating normally
• Drinking easily

More interesting is what happens when left untreated. Rheumatic fever and “post strep glomerulonephritis” (kidney injury) are two concerns, but for whatever reason these are becoming quite rare. Whether or not to use antibiotics, for sore throats of all varieties, ibuprofen, Ricola (yellow wrapper), and chicken soup are my go-to nostrums.

If you are desperate to know, feel free to call Pre-R for a rapid strep screen in the comfort of home.

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