The idea for Pediatrics on the Geaux came from my background as a mother and a pediatric ER physician. When my 4 year old started pre-k, I was surprised that he needed a doctor’s note every time he missed school with a fever. I started thinking about working parents and how hard it must be to try to schedule time with the pediatrician, miss work, and take a child who doesn’t feel well out of their home.  If the child is stable, could they be evaluated via telemedicine? Yes! Of course! Could the parent have a physician note emailed to them? Yes! What if the child has an earache? A sore throat? Vomiting with belly pain? Some condition that may need a little more direct care?? A house call! Taking this one step further, with my emergency training, what if simple lacerations could be repaired in the comfort of your home? What if foreign bodies could be removed from the nose or ear from home? Yes!

Pediatrics On The Geaux is not intended to replace