Dental Pain

Regularly patients with dental pain turn to ERs. Unfortunately, most leave with a little less pain, but problems that still need fixing + ER bills. Nearly all receive some form of antibiotic, whether penicillin, amoxicillin or clindamycin. For those who are writhing in pain, I typically offer a dental block for 6-12 hours of numbness and hopefully a little sleep.

We refer to dentists, but know that waiting lists can be enormously long. Sometimes I wonder why hospitals don’t set up more comprehensive 24/7 emergency dental services… and why I didn’t become a dentist.

Red Flags:

• Fever
• Tongue swelling, facial swelling
• Breathing problems
• Dehydration
• Diabetes
• Smoking

Happy Words

• “My teeth are sensitive to hot and cold”
• “Ibuprofen seems to help for a few hours at a time”
• “I have a dentist”

In any case, if a dental block and antibiotic prescription will help you through, give Pre-R a call. We are happy to drain abscesses that seem ripe as well.

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