Kindred Spirits

These is a list of like-minded professionals that offer similar services in another states.
If you get sick/injure while traveling or if you have family members on the listed areas, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Vitality Kauai

At Vitality Kauai, we take a scientific approach to skin care, using state-of-the-art medical treatments and skin care products to achieve beautifully natural results! We offer procedures that have safe, proven, and consistent results to “turn back the clock” without the downtime, risk or expense of surgery. Our goal is to rejuvenate, restore and enhance your natural beauty. If you would like to speak with us in person, please feel free to call us at 808-631-3877 anytime. If we miss your call, we will return it shortly.

Poipu Mobile MD

How do we upgrade your medical experience? Our physicians work for you, not an insurance company. We give you our time and attention, making getting you better our top priority. You never leave your hotel. We bring medications to get you feeling better faster, and allowing you to skip the pharmacy line and spend more time on vacation. We charge a flat fee and our pricing is transparent. You’ll never receive a surprise bill from us. Our service is comprehensive. We will call you back and make sure you’re feeling better. If not, we’ll get you checked out again, no…

Santa Fe Mobile MD

Although advances in medical technology have allowed us to do amazing work in serious and life threatening conditions, it has also made it quite complicated and expensive to take care of the simple day-to-day injuries and illnesses that confront us all. Santa Fe Mobile MD bridges the gap by providing a convenient, no hassle experience for the urgent care needs of you and your family – wherever and whenever you may need it.

Pediatrics on the Geaux

The idea for Pediatrics on the Geaux came from my background as a mother and a pediatric ER physician. When my 4 year old started pre-k, I was surprised that he needed a doctor’s note every time he missed school with a fever. I started thinking about working parents and how hard it must be to try to schedule time with the pediatrician, miss work, and take a child who doesn’t feel well out of their home.  If the child is stable, could they be evaluated via telemedicine? Yes! Of course! Could the parent have a physician note emailed to…