Friends and Family Plan

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After having seen a few patients in their homes now, I’m starting to really understand another major reason for Pre-R, above and beyond wanting to provide a better service for people with basic medical problems.

Ever since day one of medical school, family and friends have asked me for medical advice. And ever since residency I’ve been the go-to guy for prescriptions. Nurses, techs, clerks, house keepers, security, administrators, etc. often ask docs in the ER for prescriptions for inhalers, anti-emetics and the like, or for medication refills when then can’t see their PCPs. Usually the docs say ‘yes’. It’s just super awkward to say ‘no’ for anything other than narcotics, which are the third rail.

I’ve heard a few docs decline, but their speeches about doctor-patient relationship, medico-legal risk, lack of a medical record are just prolonged, and frankly, painful to hear. Most requests I receive are for meds that should be over the counter anyways. Albuterol and Zofran… Why in the world?! Or if so, then why is Tylenol over the counter since it’s waaay more threatening. But I digress. Back to the point.

Finally, I have Pre-R. If someone asks me for a prescription, I send them a client intake form, generate a logical, concise record, write the script and move along.

They can throw me a bone by clicking our “contribute” button. But either way, no groveling, no speeches, no grey zones, relationships maintained and all smiles.

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