ER is my specialty, but I prefer Pre-R

While emergency medicine can be fascinating and exciting,
Pre-R lets me spend much more time with my patients
in the comfort of their homes

Professional Background:

Physics and Math BA, Wesleyan University, 1993
Medical Degree, Washington University, 1997
Emergency Medicine Residency, University of New Mexico, 2000
Board Certified Emergency Medicine, 2001
University of New Mexico Faculty, 2003 – 2007
Endorphin Power Company founder and board member, 2003 – 2011
Licensed to practice in Hawaii, 2010 – Present
Licensed to practice in California, 2012 – Present

Dr. Sam Slishman

Brief Bio:

Since graduation from my residency in 2000, I have also worked in tiny rural New Mexico hospitals, in the NM Heart Hospital, and in Wyoming, New Zealand and Tasmania. In 2003, I started a nonprofit in Albuquerque, Endorphin Power Company, to help people with drug and alcohol problems.

Today I am part of the Central Coast Emergency Physicians group working in San Luis Obispo, and I also fly periodically to Hawaii to work for Hawaii Emergency Physicians Associated. Occasionally you will find me working on cruise ships or doing relief work in places like Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. During my off hours I enjoy tinkering in my shop and working with students at Cal Poly on a variety of projects and medical devices.

Pre-R allows me to be part of the community

I can treat patients more comfortably in their homes, and maybe even go for hikes with them.

In 2012 I moved to San Luis Obispo to live closer to my parents, and met my wife Vanessa shortly after. Today Vanessa and I love living in San Luis Obispo and we have embarked on a new adventure we call Pre-R. We want to help people with their basic medical needs in the comfort of home, while sheltering them from ER and urgent care stressors and expenses.

I manage the patient care and medical notes, while Vanessa manages our books, the website, and me. Between her IT classes Vanessa also helps as my medical assistant whenever her time permits. Being Venezuelan, her Spanish fluency is an enormous asset for Pre-R and our Spanish speaking patients.

In October 2015 Pre-R got a new boss named Max. I still do the medicine, Vanessa still does the books, while Max takes all the money… typical corporate medicine I guess. Joking aside, I’m considerably better at pediatrics now with Max in the mix.

Last night my little boy split his chin open and I was concerned that it could scar if it wasn’t closed properly. It was late (my little guys were pushing bedtime) and I was going to have to take both of them with me to the ER and be there for goodness knows how long and get a big bill, to boot. Dr. Slishman to the rescue!! He was able to be here within 30 minutes. He had my 3 year old completely at ease, did a great job and even involved and got my 8 year old interested in the process. All in a matter of less than 10 minutes. It was such an amazing service to be treated so well, so expeditiously and in the comfort and convenience of our own home (with Pj’s on!). We were reading books and doing bedtime in no time. What a fantastic experience….I highly recommend Dr. Slishman.
Tracy F. - Via Yelp.

Sam, Max, Zak and Vanessa