Doctor Shortage or Admin Glut?


I keep reading dire articles about the lack of primary care doctors. A “perfect storm” is nearing because medical schools aren’t outputting enough grads to keep up with future needs, while many existing docs are leaving medicine for careers with lower risk and fewer administrative hassles.

Many doctors who don’t have alternative career options are burning out.
And sadly, others are killing themselves.

Personally I’m not as concerned for myself about burnout (or suicide), but disability risk and retirement options are definite considerations. Even if I stay healthy, it’s hard to imagine working night shifts in 25-30 years, but maybe.

Up until Pre-R I’ve essentially been a one trick pony – emergency medicine. But I’m coming to realize that Pre-R is now my disability insurance, retirement plan and burnout abatement system all wrapped into one. As long as my neurons keep firing, I’m sure I’ll be able to help people through telemedicine and house calls ’till I’m gumming my cheerios.

So maybe that’s another argument for the Pre-R model. If other docs choose this path, together perhaps we could take up some of the slack when the perfect storm hits.

Let’s recheck in 20 years.

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