Blurred Lines

I had an unusual call a couple weeks ago from a patient in Illinois referred to us by a relative of another patient. It went something like this…

Pt: I’d love to get your advice on…

Me: I’m happy to have a chat with anyone who calls, but mind you I’m not licensed in Illinois and can’t practice medicine there.

Pt: No problem, but I think my doctor isn’t listening to me and I just want to run this by somebody…

Me: OK shoot.

(30 mins later)

Pt: OK thanks so much for the time.

Me: Sure, and remember, technically this conversation never happened, because you’re there and I’m here and there are lots of state medical boards separating us.

Pt: Sure thing doc… never heard of you.

A few hours later, a $100 PayPal donation.

My question today is this: 
Could en entire no typing / no insurance / no coding / no admin / no buildings / no bills practice exist fielding calls from nice people like this around the globe? If so, I’m in!

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