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Our goal is to help people with their simple medical needs in the comfort of home,
while sheltering them from ER and urgent care stressors and expenses.

Our main service is house calls for people who have questions and problems that really don’t need extensive diagnostic study or emergency care. “Can you prescribe something for this rash?” – “Would you be able to repair my laceration at my home?” – “Momma just needs a dressing change and she has a hard time getting to see her doctor.”

“My wife is dehydrated with morning sickness. Can you give her some IV saline?” Perhaps you’ll find some useful tips on our “Anxiometer” as well to help you determine whether you are facing a true emergency. Unlike concierge medicine, we do not require memberships. Consider Pre-R to be your mobile urgent care in San Luis Obispo.

What we do

Our aim is to address your basic acute medical needs
in the comfort of your home!

Payment Philosophy

You decide!


We do not have set fees and we do not bill insurance companies. Only after services are delivered and you are feeling better, do we discuss money. If you are happy with our care and would like to help us grow, you can pay us using check, cash, credit or debit. Payment using your HSA or FSA is also accepted.

We do not want people who are struggling financially to feel inhibited from calling, (and we do not want to set upper bounds for those feeling generous!) However, for those of you who may not welcome such flexibility, see below for our suggested fees.

In short, if you need medical advice or urgent care services which do not seem 911- worthy, give us a call. If you like our service, help us to carry on. If not, then we will welcome your feedback.

  • Phone/text/Skype consultation $30
    • plus prescription +$70
    • plus specialist referral +$70
  • Lab or imaging order and interpretation $200
  • Arguing with your insurance company – priceless
  • House call within San Luis Obispo $150 – $200
    • plus wound care +$100
    • plus IV fluids +$100
  • House call weekend/night $200 – $300
  • House call outside of San Luis Obispo $200+

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